Got a cuppa Joe to rid my mind of the slowmo blues, added a little sweetness more to send a subtle jolt to the old gray mush than to cut the Columbian tang. Wound my way through the early morning crowd hunting for that last empty oasis, knowing there was a better chance of finding El Dorado than a place to park my posterior and spread the rusty but trusty laptop that time o’the day. Luck was indeed my lovely lady for a change.

Hit the magic button to light up my world as I took the first soothing sip, letting the aromatic roast slide down the esophagus, a mixture designed to manipulate the mind. Another swallow as the screen came alive, and the neurons started to fire as a thought smoldered quietly in a hidden corner of what passed for my wit. As the mug slowly emptied, the blank screen began to fill. Almost reverentially the serving siren gracefully streams more of the dark elixir into the ceramic cylinder, hardly daring to disturb the flow of creativity evident before her mere mortal eyes.

Unconsciously quaffing the second dose of sensory stimulation, synapses tingle with intelligence and inert tissue warms and glows as digits dance without effort across the ebony keys. Illuminating symbols continue to materialize with their quasi-electrical life. The thought becomes an occurrence, and the occurrence becomes a gulp of my life.

Wan another refill? the faithful serving siren asks. No thanks, I smile. I’m good.

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