Most of these articles are on tennis. However, I'm willing to share my opinions on all sports, so there are certainly other thoughts here that you can disagree with!


Eyes on the ball, ready to reach for a serve... no doubt an ace!


When Serving, Go with the Toe for the Placement

Use foot placement, not a change in body motion, to hit a tennis serve down the middle or to either corner. You won't telegraph the location or type of serve from your foot position.

Are the San Jose Sharks "Chokers" and Patrick Marleau "Gutless"?

Sports announcers and writers seem to have free license when it comes to insulting teams and players to gain an audience.

The NCAA is Hypocritical About "amateurism" in Sports

While inter-collegiate athletes are banned from making money through their sport, college students can compete in any other field and still accept pay for their talent.

Cal Shuts Down Baseball and Other Sports

  • The recent furor over the value of sports in colleges emphasizes that our public institutions have lost sight of their mission, and allowed extraneous issues and bloated bureaucracies to lead us to inevitable economic failure.
  • New Owners May Put Warriors Fans in a Golden State of Mind

  • While many SF Bay Area media types are lamenting that billionaire Larry Ellison did not win his bid to buy the NBA Golden State Warriors, the actual new owners, Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, may actually be better for the team.
  • San Francisco Giants Overcome History and Long Odds to Win MLB World Series

    With a World Series victory drought since the Giants moved from New York in 1958, and in spite of all expert predictions that they would not have enough offensive punch to win their division, the hard-working SF Giants are the 2010 world champions.

    Six Factors that Make a "Game" a Sport

    There is a great confusion about what makes a game into a "sport". Here are my six criteria of what determines a sport, and an explanation of why golf is not a sport.

    Athletes are Entertainers, NOT Heroes!

    Most sports journalists use the word "hero" to describe athletes, and their sports accomplishments as "heroic". This cheapens the word, and minimizes the actions of the true heroes we should admire and emulate.

    Tennis – the Ultimate Individual Sport

    When I consider the variety of athletic talent required, the physicality, and the mental aspects of playing tennis well, I belive it is the ultimate individual sport.

     The Psychology of Winning Tennis: Defeating Your “Inner Demon”

    Everyone has at least one "inner demon" when playing a sport. Identifying and containing yours will help you play better and win more.

     Playing From the Ground Up

    Eye-foot coordination is just as important to hand-eye coordination. How to move in tennis, and what you are trying to accomplish.

    The Quick Turnaround

    Concentration is the key to life; here's one technique to help your on-court concentration and avoid emotional letdowns.

    Equipment vs. Muscle

    We all know sports have changed over the decades because of improvement in equipment (especially tennis), but which is more important, the equipment or the athlete?

    Conditioning for Tennis

    If you want to play at the top of your game, find an exercise regimen most appropriate for tennis.

    Save the “Jam” for Buttered Toast

    In tennis, getting "jammed" on a shot probably means your are toast. Here's how to avoid getting jammed and win more points.

    The Overhead for Intermediates

    For intermediate players, hitting an effective overhead does not necessarily mean "smashing" the ball. Here are some other considerations on overheads.

    When Serving, Go With the Toe for Placement

    You want to move your serve around to keep your opponent off balance, but you don't want to change your service motion to do it.  Let the toe do the leading...

    Consistency of the Serve

    The key to an effective serve is consistency. How to make both your first and second serves consistent with giving your opponent a sitter.

    Choosing a Suitable Doubles Partner

    Other than liking someone and enjoying playing with them, how do you choose a suitable doubles partner for tennis?

    Home Treatments for Tennis Elbow

    Based on medical information, including recommendations from Physical Therapists, here are a few ways to deal with tennis elbow without going to a physician.

    Water vs. Sports Drinks – Which is better for a good workout?

    Do you really need to spend the money on a sports drink to have a good workout?

    Can women compete with men in tennis?

    Can a female compete straight up with a male in any sport, for that matter?

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