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Our Declining Public Schools: Whose Fault is It?

Especially in California, the quality of our K-12 public school system has declined. There are many causes, but few fixes: a discussion of both from the standpoint of a teacher.

Jerry Brown Sells Out California University Spots Once Again to Illegal Immigrant Students with AB131

The “Dream Act” will cost California taxpayers millions of dollars, and deny the children of those citizens the state education and financial aid they deserve so that illegal students can take their place.

ACLU Sues California Schools for "Substandard Education"
or: Blaming the Bathwater for Being Dirty..

The ACLU complains about the current poor education offered in many California public schools, without any consideration to the actual causes of the decline. Isn't it fun to be in a position where you have no responsibility whatsoever but can shout and sue to your heart's content?

Piaget’s Influence on American Education

The great psychologist, Jean Piaget, was highly influential on education in general, but especially on the American system. An exploration of why.

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Our Failing Public Schools, Part II: Illegal Immigration

The six states with the worst public school systems are the six highest in illegal immigrants. Coincidence? Hardly. An exploration behind the reasons, and how this growing national problem will eventually kill the U.S. educational system.

Teacher Attrition and Retention: A Comparison of Canada, South Africa and the United States

It's getting harder and harder to keep teachers in the system, let alone recruit new teachers. A comparison of the reasons in a couple of countries.

Teacher Attrition and Retention

Our Failing Public Schools, Part IV: Average Daily Attendance

Our school systems are failing in many states. One of the most serious reasons is that local school districts no longer have control of tax funds. States control the funds, distributing money back to districts through average daily attendance.

Six Tips for Succeeding in College

Even successful high school students find entering college to be challenging and stressful. One in four freshmen drop out each year. This article gives six tips for how to be successful in your first year, as well as in your future academic and professional careers.

The Process of Interpreting Literature and Writing a Persuasive Essay

How to read a piece of literature, follow and analyze various literary devices, and understand the messages of the story. In addition, an explanation of how to write a persuasive literary essay, with examples.

High School Teacher Natalie Munroe Rants About Her Ill-behaved, Unmotivated Students

Parental involvement is key to the culture'"and the results'"of public schools.

How I (a Teacher) Will Spend My Summer Vacation

The five things I'm most looking forward to over the summer break (June 16 to August 28), and what I'll do instead.

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