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The California Fraud Fund is a Fraud—But Wait! There's More

Stealing money from senior citizens and school children is no way to balance the state budget.

David Viens Murder Case Proves the American Legal, Justice and Penal Systems Are Insane


Our legal system, our judicial system, and our penal systems are totally insane when it come to how much money we spend on them and how badly screwed up they are.


"Bleeding Heart Liberals" Cause Many Hearts to Bleed


John Albert Gardner III, a confessed and convicted violent rapist, was freed to rape again. This time, he also killed Chelsea King. Why do "bleeding heart liberals" keep letting these monsters out on the streets to victimize more innocent people?


VAT to Simplify Economic as Well as Illegal Immigrant Problems?

Edward Gonzalez, state congressional candidate in San Jose, proposes a single national sales tax he claims would simply our current economic system and help alleviate one of the problems with illegal aliens.


Adachi Pension and Healthcare Reform Measure Under Attack from SF Unions and Politicos

Or: He Who Makes the Rules Gets the Gold

Because San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi wants to reform bloated public pension and healthcare benefits to save taxpayers money, he has come under both professional and personal attack by labor unions and politicians in the city.


Obama and the Feds "Know it All" when it Comes to California Prop. 19

President Obama wants to dictate policy on all subjects to the states, telling California that Prop. 19 to legalize marijuana is "ill conceived" without taking into account the specific circumstances impacting California on this issue.

Prop. 23 Seeks to Suspend California's Landmark Global Warming Law, Assembly Bill 32

Do the Right Thing or the Economically Sound Thing?

Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman contest the California governorship over the battle between clean-air proponents and entrenched polluting industries, claiming the fight is about creating jobs and making the state's economy healthy once again.


AT&T and the Oakland A’s slug it out for San Jose Turf?

While the Oakland A's have been trying to move to San Jose for years, a city which would welcome them, the San Francisco Giants and now AT&T are fighting to block such a move.


Will San Jose and Other Bay Area Cities Drown in Public Employee Compensation?


The current economic crisis is perhaps greatest in the State of California, not the least of which is due to high and growing compensation and retirement packages for public employees.


San Francisco is Just One Example of Corruption in Public Agencies

While corruption runs rampant at all levels and in various ways in every public agency, San Francisco provides a wide variety of local scandals to incense taxpayers.


California and the City of San Jose Want to Solve Their Economic Woes by Legalizing Pot

Searching for new revenue streams without raising taxes, the City of San Jose, and California in general, seek to legalize and tax the use of marijuana.


South Bay Zillionaires Want to Buy Seats in California


Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, both former Silicon Valley CEOs, are willing to spend millions of their own money to win public offices against well-known political opponents.


The Battle Over Gay Marriage in San Francisco

Although the argument over gay marriage rages throughout the U.S., California is particularly vehement over this issue, and Mayor Gavin Newsom has made San Francisco "ground zero" for the battle.


San Francisco's District 6 Candidate Theresa Sparks Offers a Strong Platform

San Francisco's District 6 supervisor candidate, Theresa Sparks, a self-proclaimed transgender woman who is recognized as a national leader in the fight for LGBT civil rights, is far more than a "one-trick pony".

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