Your philosophy is what you believe. I've written a number of articles on this topic, and herein are some of them. Most of the articles are condensations of excerpts from the book I'm writing on the subject: Metacognition vs. the Soul; what really separates Mankind from the lower order animals.

One website, Backyard Skeptics, has seen fit to create a link on their home page to this page in my website. While their primary focus is on religion/atheism, there are many articles and links on that website that deal with logical, rational thought in many forms. If you are open-minded enough to read my articles and consider them, you might also wish to visit the linked site.


What is “Truth”, and Why is it Important?

What each individual believes is, for them, the truth. Various information, facts and factoids that we gather throughout our lives lead to those individual beliefs. But, if everyone’s “truth” is different, then what is the value of truth?

How to Change: The Power of Metacognition, Its Meaning, and Its Importance in Success in Life

What truly separates Mankind from the other beasts of the earth is the power of Metacognition. The ability to think about the way you think ultimately results in the ability to change the way a person thinks and acts. Developing this power can lead to success  in all aspects of life.

Why Polytheism was Replaced by Monotheism: A Very Brief History of Religion

For perhaps a quarter of a million years, all cultures worshiped multiple gods to explain the various phenomena in the world. In the last 10,000 years, all but one of the major polytheisms have died. Why did this trend begin in Mesopotamia?

In Monotheism, It’s a (God)Man’s World

The Ancient Shift in the Equality of the Sexes was Primarily Caused by Male-centric Monotheism

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