Table 1 

Developmental Theories



Maria Montessori

Jean Piaget



Birth to 3 years:  Absorbed mind; Sensory experiences

Birth to 2 years:  Sensorimotor period; Obtain basic knowledge through the senses


18 months to 3 years:  Coordination and muscle development; Interest in small objects

Age 2 to 7 years:  Preoperational period; Develop language and drawing skills, but self-centered and cannot understand abstract reasoning or logic.


Age 2 to 4 years:  Refinement of movement; Concern with truth and reality; Awareness of order sequence in time and space.


Age 3 to 6 years:  Susceptibility to adult influence

Age 3.5 to 4.5 years:  Writing abilities

Age 4 to 4.4 years:  Tactile sense development

Age 4.5 to 5.5 years:  Reading abilities

Age 7 to 11 years: Begin to think logically, organize knowledge, classify objects and do thought problems.





Age 11 to 15 years:  Children begin to reason realistically about the future and deal with abstractions.

Age 6 years and onwards:  Advanced skills in all basic disciplines are developed

Overall:  The prewriting steps should begin extremely early, with basic reading, writing and mathematics skills developed prior to age 7.

Overall:  Reading, writing and mathematics should be left until the period from 7 years onwards.



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