Portrait of the artist as an old man.
I spent 20-odd years (well, some of them were certainly odd) as a marketing and communications executive. After an early retirement, I obtained teaching credentials to teach English and Public Speaking at the secondary level, as well as a Small Business Management class at an adult education center. During all of those year, I tried my hand at writing on and -- mostly -- off.

I'm  now a retired teacher and a freelance writer. I'm an active member (meaning I actually make some money from my writings) of the California Writers Club, Mt. Diablo Branch , where I serve as Chair of the Luncheon & Workshop Committee. Most of what I do for pay is non-fiction.

Early in my writing career I wrote poetry and short stories. Now I write screenplays and novels; most of these are historical or comedy. The latter is difficult when you have no sense of humor, so I have to fake it. I just pretend I'm Robin Williams, only taller and without all the money. The historical is easy: all history is fiction anyhow, so I just do what the "real" historians do, only try to make it more interesting. I also do editing for others and on my own work. As a former English teacher, I'm a bit like the lawyer who defends himself in court, but it's a lot cheaper that way ...

View my editing credentials at: Editor and Teacher

CONTACT  DON  AT:  metacognitionwriter@gmail.com

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